The LMS for Serious Learning Environments

If you’re looking to have a serious learning environment for your students or employees, eLucid is the LMS for you. It’s unlimited learning possibilities help you teach or train your learners effectively, irrespective of how complex the learning scenario is. It helps you inculcate the learning habit in your learners leading to better satisfaction levels and improved learning recall.

Companies Trusting eLucid

Unlimited Learning Possibilities

Craft Deep Learning Experiences


eLucid offers easy ways to create micro-learning content to increase completion rates. Also helps you increase engagement by building anticipation amongst your corporate trainees through drip feeding courses to them. 


Give the Subject Matter Experts in your organisation more power with eLucid’s Rapid Authoring Tools & help them author engaging and impactful learning material with ease for your corporate trainees.

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Engage & Encourage the Trainee



Improve Employee learning participation by encouraging healthy internal competition. Leaderboards, Levels & Badges motivate employees by rewarding them for their course progress.


Interactive learning delivery that lets you create awesome learning experiences that your employees will engage with. Gone are the boring traditional means of learning through just text & images.

Measure Impact & Improve


Quizzes & Assignments help evaluate your learners’ understanding and test their retention of course content


Get insights into learners’ activity on your courses with detailed reports on course activity and scores of each employee.

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Top eLucid Features

Build Easily, Train Effectively


Rapid Authoring Tools

Build awesome & interactive content in your team. eLucid’s Rapid Authoring Tools make addition of course content a breeze!

microlearning & drip Feed

Get better control and flow into your course content by using eLucid’s easy course options to create micro-learning material.

interactive content

Create amazing learning experiences with our interactive content authoring. Your employees will love the various interaction elements inside eLucid courses.


Motivate your trainees into action, through Gamification of their learning activity. Use our range of ‘Levels’, ‘Badges’ & ‘Leaderboards’ to inculcate healthy competition amongst your people.

personalised learning paths

Give your employees personalised learning tracks based on their current competency levels, and place them in a strong position to achieve their learning goals. Remember, learning was never one-size-fits-all!


Get a unified view of your employee’s training progress by integrating eLucid with other tools used by your company. eLucid integrates nicely with most tools used by organisations.

Easy Integration with Business Tools

Automate and ease admin tasks by integrating your LMS with other software your organization uses.

Easy, secure access using Single Sign-on from your ERP applications.

Host internal webinars and online classrooms through Virtual classroom integrations

Access online course libraries with LinkedIn Learning &

Learning Anytime. Anywhere. Everywhere

Join your learners anywhere & everywhere with eLucid’s Android & iOS mobile apps.

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Much more than just an LMS


eLucid’s SUPER friendly teams are omnipresent to guide you through every process of setting up courses, onboarding your people so that you maximise the power of eLucid to achieve every desired learning outcome


Our secure and private cloud takes away your headache of managing IT and ensures uninterrupted availability of your eLearning portal at all times


Our Customer Success teams are at your disposal to listen to every concern/hurdle and do whatever it takes to make them all go away


Our product teams work with you to understand the depth of your processes and innovate to draw out a collaborative-features road-map for you.

Don’t take our word for it..

"Don't wait too long, Sign them On"

"Not very often do we come across a new age user-friendly LMS like Elucid
One of the reasons why we instantly agreed on signing them on is that it allows creating interactive courses with a few simple steps and helps make learning fun and engaging. Interestingly, it's also an evolving tool - the inclusion of features such as reporting, dashboards, managing L&D finances and so much more, will surely enhance the experience for the administrators. Don't wait too long, sign them on"


Manisha Mehta

People Development & Learning Partner-Directi

"Would definitely recommend eLucid to many others"

"eLucid’s look & feel and flexibility to tweak base features attracted us. We have experienced an outstanding post implementation relationship. Their products have helped in Scaling the Learning Delivery in our organization. Collaborating was the most favorite part of the experience. We are very happy with our association and would definitely recommend eLucid to many others.”​


Dibyendu Roy

HR & Learning HDFC Mutual Fund

"Amazed by the passion eLucid carries with Simplicity"

"It is young and vibrant in its DNA. The young minds are receptive and they captured our challenges and translated to solutions. We are amazed by the passion elucid carries with simplicity. They rewrite the thought presented to them and convert it to digital space. Our experience with them are many folds. They changed the way we were and placed simplicity with royal touch to our LMS.They are the sparkling star in learning space who can change the benchmark to excellence."

testimonial profile image- kalyan das

Kalyan Das

VP- Learning & Development, Tata Capital

"Truly a Great LMS Product"

“Truly a great LMS product with powerful authoring tools backed by a very energetic and responsive team. We had zeroed in on eLucid after a year-long search for a product that suits our needs. eLucid ticked all the right boxes and we are happy with our decision, one year later!”​


Cassandra Waring

Director - Learning, KM & Organizational Development,

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Why do you need a Customized LMS?

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

It is crucial that your LMS is customized with the latest features in order to accommodate all the training and learning requirements. Having custom courses is not enough, your LMS also plays an important part in the success of your learning program. Which is why you should consider customizing it as well.