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  • e-Learning professionals
  • Educational technologists
  • Experts in the learning industry/educators
  • Thought-leaders with knowledge of e-Learning software and L&D

To help you understand our audience better, we have created two personas

Persona 1 - Corporate Audience

Age range 30-40 years old
VP – L&D Department of an Enterprise
Conducts and assesses training programs
Looks for ideas to develop learning culture among employees

Persona 2 - Educator

Age range 30-45 years old
Head of Department – Engineering College
Conducts training programs for teachers & students
Looks for ways to make learning innovative and interesting

We welcome articles about …


Learning Technology

Learning Management Systems


Social Learning

Corporate Training

SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI

Interactive Learning

Online Training Software

If you’re looking to write articles on topics like these, our blog is the perfect place for you!


Practical tips, tools, actionable advice

Example : 5 Types of Interactive Content to Engage Learners

How-to articles/guides

Expert roundups

Example : How Games and Learning are related

Explainer posts

what is…/ why ‘x’ matters

Example : What is Interactive Learning and it’s benefits

Opinions / think-pieces

Commentary, analysis or discussion on related topics. The article should be unbiased, you should provide your own experience.

Content Quality Guidelines

  • High-quality, original and relevant content 

  • Articles must be non-promotional and pitch-free. 

  • Proofread and well-formatted posts with proper paragraphs and headings

  • Detailed and thoroughly researched articles

  • We recommend you to send in a featured image along with other related images (cite sources)

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