Whether we agree or not there is a definite requirement of having a learning strategy, which can counterbalance the provocations of lessening attention spans. This write-up is beneficial, as it discloses how the use of Microlearning is supporting learners and companies to counteract and why it is useful for a business.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning, which consists of the consumption of educational material in shorter and focused bursts, might be the right solution to the dull training sessions that you have been searching for your business. In Microlearning, the trainer breaks the material into shorter and easily consumable pieces that are of 30 seconds to 3-7 minutes in length.

With the availability in rich media formats, Microlearning is a learner-based approach, which gives real-time training and is available on several devices like Smartphones and Tablets apart from desktops and laptops. Such availability ensures that learners can easily access and complete their learning.   As the head of an organization’s learning, you can use micro learning platforms such as eLucid in your corporate training to support your employees:

  • Go in-depth into particular aspects
  • Handle the one that has transformed
  • Learn new aspects
  • Practice
  • Sort out a specific problem

Key aspects of Microlearning

Typically used for informal learning, organizations use it for employee training. In today’s world, Microlearning includes followings:

  • Formal training
  • Pre- or post-workshop for ILT (Instructor Led Training)
  • Performance support tools
  • In Corporate training, it uses rich media formats such as interactive videos, animated videos, and mobile application to give a highly impressive and engaging learning experience

Benefits of Microlearning

For the last two to five years, Microlearning has been in the news. Companies are adopting it as core components for their talent development programs. As per the study of the Association of Talent Development, around 38% of the companies are using Microlearning while 41% of them is going to implement it within a year. It is beneficial for both employees and employers.

Advantages of Microlearning for your Employees

  1. Learner-centric

    Employees can consume knowledge at their own pace. Fast learners get bored while slow learners get left behind but now employees have their own microlessons and learn in their own time. Therefore, there’s little pressure on them and they enjoy the learning process.

  2. Better learning

    With the right amalgam of chunkey strategy and interactive learning, it ensures the improvement in learning outcomes. It is possible to remedy or transform the unwillingness of adult learners into a fun activity.

  3. Just-in-time The ability to employ JiT (just-in-time) is probably a significant benefit of Microlearning. It is basically an on-demand training, in which you provide a microlesson to your employees just before they require it. Microlearning is more beneficial than traditional in which a learner forgets the things when they need the same.
  4. Quick learning

    With it, your employees can eliminate the small skill gaps they have. Apart from gaining skills fasters, they are quickly able to apply them at work. It develops high impact learning and results as a better learning approach for employees on-the-job.

  5. Easily accessible

     As Microlearning is media-rich, learners find it easy to access the training material. Your employees can access the content on any device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop of any screen resolution ) of their choice.                    

Advantages of Microlearning for Training Managers

  1. Easy distribution

    Microlearning makes it more comfortable for you to instantly distribute learning material, microlessons, to your staff across the world. It is in counter to eLearning courses, which require large file sizes, smaller and more accessible.

  2. Better value at a lower cost

    You need to invest a significant amount and time to produce eLearning or sizeable training courses. On the other hand, you need a few minutes to develop learning material, microlessons. Further, Microlearning enables you to update the content more comfortably. As it takes a few minutes only for updating, so it requires lower investment.

  3. Easier to update

    In general, a typical eLearning course is expensive and time-consuming when it requires an update. Sometimes, you need to interact with the course developer and pay him again to sort out the complications of the course. On the other hand, you can easily slot your policy or logo into the lesson template you already have. You don’t need to be a specialist to do so.

  4. Individual learning

    With microlessons, you make your employees feel valued. You can share microlessons to all your concerned employees and ask them to go through the same. Every one of them will learn the lessons at their own pace. With such an approach, you will make your staff feel valued.

  5. Wider application

    The application of Microlearning is more comprehensive. You can use it as Performance Support Tools or formal learning. Use it as a stand-alone asset or a part of a learning series.  

Final Words

In the world of rapid change at the workplace, fast-shrinking attention spans and advent of new technology, there must be the use of an innovative approach in the development of learning material. Microlearning can be a more extended way to maximize the learning of employees at a lower cost.                                                      

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