“We’re on a mission to shake up the corporate training universe”

Talent development has always been a challenge for corporates, especially for industries with low retention rates. It’s critical for companies to implement a training program that can speed up employee orientation and the learning process.

Enter, eLucid!

eLucid aims to go beyond the responsibilities of a conventional learning management system and provide corporates with an interactive and engaging talent development platform. It takes care of your learning, assessment and reporting woes, and makes training fun.

eLucid promises to change the dynamics of learning by gamifying course content and focusing on making learning interesting and self-driven, to increase information retention and drive motivation.

What is eLucid?

eLucid contains all the functionality of a traditional learning management system but is not limited to the boundaries of one. It covers the entire spectrum of corporate training, right from learning, reporting to assessment.

It offers diverse content creation and provisioning tools, with special emphasis on learner engagement. You can move beyond meeting training goals and work towards developing a productive workforce.

Interactive content, video conferencing, gamification and discussion forums, help accelerate the learning process and maximize the training outcome. (Schedule an exclusive walkthrough)

eLucid is a Single Platform to⸺

  • Manage organizational goals
  • Assess employee competence
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Deliver compliance training
  • Evaluate training success
  • Engage trainees
  • Foster collaboration
  • Speed up talent development
  • Improve retention rates
  • Reduce onboarding costs
  • Boost business performance

eLucid is a Talent Development and Analysis Platform – All in One

eLucid imbibes interactive learning in the training to rattle memory with flashcards, riddle the mind with crosswords, quiz the learner with pop-up questions, give snippets of data during the course of a video and make course presentations using charts and graphs. In short, we strive to make every trainer module an experience in itself.

We are unique, because, eLucid houses all the elements that are needed for wholesome learning, in one place. Right from course content creation to on-boarding, we have the perfect training software which will fit right in!

To top it all, eLucid sports a mind-blowing interface which further enhances the user experience, easing your entire ordeal by a great measure. Experience the suave navigation menu with shortcuts for everything you will need while going through a course. If you’re a student you can chat with your peers to discuss logic or participate in a debate on the forum.

As a trainer, you get a plethora of tools to create activities and tasks to enrich students or employees with a practical approach to tackle and analyze real-life situations using that knowledge.

Our ultimate aim is to provide an entire ecosystem for learning so that you don’t have to look anywhere else. eLucid is a platform that will blend seamlessly with your institute and let you see results that not just meet but exceed your business goals.

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