The VIBGYOR group is a chain of schools spread across different locations in India. Its mission is to create leaders of the future by enlightening and empowering students through an enthusiastic learning process.  

An offshoot of VIBGYOR, Hubble Innovations approached us through a common contact. They were actively looking for a learning management system to replace their existing platform. With an aim to provide smart technology-led programs for Early Childhood Development training, Hubble didn’t want to compromise on a mediocre solution.

Hubble hired a team to source the best Learning Management System developers and service providers for the job. Their previous LMS had turned out to be a drastic failure that performed poorly and was ill supported by its service provider.

Hubble’s months of research led them to us and eLucid.

Overcoming Challenges with eLucid

Hubble’s mission was to provide affordable and quality education to children of the Rebuplic of Kenya. They wanted to reach out to millions of students across the country via a reliable and child-friendly education platform. The path of e-learning was the best way to reach such a vast user-base. But a platform suitable for the task needed to be scalable, performance optimized, and one that complied with every standard of the education software industry.

Owing to eLucid’s technical capabilities and simple interface, it turned out to be a perfect fit.

After speaking to us, they were assured of not just a great platform but a supportive team that could guide them with the right business acumen.

The End Result

 Hubble have adopted eLucid and are on the path to educating the bright minds of the future.  We’ve helped them redesign the complete interface to make it suitable for kindergarten education. The ease of use, especially with online assignment submission, evaluation, have made eLucid the perfect platform for Hubble.

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