Tech Mahindra Business Services

Tech Mahindra Business Services or TechMBS is an award-winning business solutions company with offices located in India and Ireland. To maintain a high standard of work and a revolutionary vision among their workforce, TechMBS relies on a formidable training program.

Before TechMBS adopted eLucid as their training platform of choice, they were using a conventional Learning Management System. They described the LMS as functional and secure – that is to say, it was capable enough to support their training content – but the user-interface was outdated and boring. Their LMS couldn’t keep their employees engaged and interested, owing to which, their training and, consequently, business suffered.

What they were looking for is to tackle a common training challenge – learner engagement – to improve training outcomes.

Out with the “old” (boring) and “in” with the new (engaging)

With eLucid, they got exactly what they were looking for. A highly engaging and elegant user interface that could help them deliver interactive training content and boost learner interest.

TechMBS found the “User Management” module the most beneficial to control various user roles in the training program.

We even customized the user module to incorporate the company’s organizational hierarchy and the workflow of different business units.


Prioritizing Compliance Training and Data Security

TechMBS is one of the most process-oriented and security-focused firms in the country. eLucid has helped them implement a solid compliance training process, with the possibility to add compliance refresher courses.

Being a BPO call center, maintaining client info confidentiality has been of prime importance to the company. eLucid has offered them rock-solid data protection and high security.


Their experience with eLucid has been great and their employees now find the training platform much smoother and easier to interact with.TechMBS is on the right path to meet its training goals and eLucid is happy to be a part of it!

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