Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

Tata Capital, a subsidiary of Tata Sons, is a leading financial and investment service provider in India. Based in Mumbai, it has more than 100 branches across the country with over 5,000 employees. Tata Capital has grown to be a trusted and customer-centric, one-stop financial services provider, catering to various areas of business.

A talent development program strengthens each employee’s skill-set and helps improve work competency. It’s a must for any organization. Trainings can improve employee performance, ensure compliance to company and service standards, and reduce weak links- making them worth the investment.

Tata Capital understands this all to well. Being in the financial sector, they know that their workforce can set them apart from the rest of the competition. Their training program makes sure they’ve got the best team working with them no matter the location.

Based out of Mumbai, Tata Capital Financial Services limited, is spread across 100+ locations all over India. Their main objective is to make sure that the training program is consistent across this distributed-network of employees. Their path of choice was an online training platform on Moodle – one of the most popular Learning Management Systems.

The User Experience Roadblock

Most e-learning oriented websites will tell you that Moodle is by far the leading Learning Management System out there – it’s got a lot of features, it’s customizable, it has extensions, and a whole lot more.

What these websites will also tell you, is that Moodle is not the best when it comes to usability; it’s improving, but it has a long way to go.  Also, while Moodle is great for online schools or universities, it needs a bunch of additional functionality through extensions to make it suitable for corporate trainings – which means, it doesn’t tackle all kinds of functionality needed to train your sales rep – but it can be customized to do so.

Let’s start with the first issue – user experience

This was the primary concern Tata Capital had. When we met up with their representatives, they discussed about how the Moodle interface posed as a problem. The cumbersome interaction process brought down student morale when interacting with the system.

When we demonstrated eLucid and its features, they were taken with 1) how easy it was to use the system, and, 2) its various content delivery techniques sure to engage learners.

To put it in numbers, eLucid reduced the effort by nearly half as much as needed on Moodle – a task that would typically take each a user 8-9 clicks on Moodle, was brought down to 3-4 clicks on eLucid.

eLucid presented features specific to corporate training as well.

The possibility to add interactive content, offer quizzing and assessment tools right on the platform itself made it a complete corporate training ecosystem. This along with support for SCROM and AICC content delivery (essential to Tata Capital’s training process) made eLucid a perfect platform for upgrade.

A Step Towards Better Corporate Training

When working with technology the interface always plays an important role. Tata Capital made the change of moving from a crude LMS to a comprehensive learning ecosystem. eLucid’s look and feel along with tools such as PitchPrep, interactive content delivery methods, gamification options, make it a solid platform to boost any training process.

It’s all going well for Tata Capital so far, and they’ve their positive experience to share with us.

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