Smart Notifications Engine

Engagement boosts when People are Informed in the Right way!

Most programs suffer from disengagement amongst their audience. People mostly don’t show up. One of the main reasons for that is that they didn’t know about the program – when it starts, who it’s for and why they need to do it. 

Why are notifications SO important?

When a person does not have enough information about something they cannot demonstrate a real interest in it. The same philosophy applies to deadlines – if a person does not know the timeline of a particular project or program or are not reminded from time to time about upcoming events there is little chance that they will be able to engage with it.  

How eLucid keeps the leaner informed…

eLucid offers a psychologically designed notification and reminder engine that keeps the learners informed and boosts enagagement. While it does send out communications to users and trainers about upcoming events and deadlines, eLucid smartly notifies learner’s about their peers’ achievements and completions. This creates a sense of completion and urgency amongst the learners to participate in learning activities and helps administrators boost engagement without any effort of their own.

Exemplary case:

Let us consider a team of 5 salespeople enrolled in a new product training program consisting of 4 different courses. Assuming that these courses and the content in them are pedagogically arranged to stir competition and attached with badges and certificates. Now, one of the sales people gets a head start to a course and she is well on her way to completing the certification which allows her to increase the product portfolio that she pitches to prospective clients. It increases their conversion and helps her meet her target quickly. But when other members of her team are informed of her participation and achievement in the program, a sense of eagerness to ‘do what the other person is doing’ is felt. This sense of urgency boosts competition and engagement within the said learning program.  

Know how Notifications can help your learners…

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