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Ok, so everyone wants great training material but no one wants to create it themselves! Why?

Because authoring tools are highly technical, and complex, so while they create awesome interactivity, they end up taking enormous amounts of time, effort and of-course dollars! By the time you finish one complete course, the underlying material has already changed, and needs to be updated!

Sample This –

  • Bob, whose boss heads L&D at a major app development company, worked his backside off, to get an awesome, interactive course created for his app development teams

  • They’re trying to master a Javascript library that will help them build deep interfaces for their mobile apps

  • Bob painstakingly evaluated vendors who could create brilliant interactive course material using some very complex authoring tools, and finally contracted an insanely creative, but equally pricey firm for this course.

  • Bob fussed over the minutest of details, and took a good 6 months to get the entire course built!

  • When he took it to his tech head, his tech head threw one long look at the course, and shrugged – ‘This is old stuff, go to Stackoverflow and get the material updated. My whole JavaScript library has been reworked! – Bob’s entire 6 months of work, gone up in smoke!

  • Now, you’re very likely to end up in this scenario if you keep thinking that your course needs to be extremely interactive!

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your own team could create this material quickly?

  • They wouldn’t need to go to an external vendor again & again for getting their requirements modified!


Why eLucid?

  • Using eLucid, easy authoring options available

  • You don’t have to spend tonnes of time and money to create engaging course content for your learners – you can now do it from your LMS backend itself

  • There are a wide variety of options like video, presentations, interactive quizzes etc.

  • Now create very interactive course content, from within the LMS backend, in a matter of hours.

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