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Give the Subject Matter Experts in your organisation more power with eLucid’s Rapid Authoring Tools. You don’t have to spend tonnes of time and money to create interactive & engaging course content for your learners – you can now do it from your LMS backend itself. 

Everyone wants great training material but no one wants to create it themselves! Why?


Because authoring tools are highly technical, and complex, so while they create awesome interactivity, they end up taking enormous amounts of time, effort and of-course dollars! By the time you finish one complete course, the underlying material has already changed, and needs to be updated. 

That is exactly where eLucid comes into play! 


Authoring is an essential feature in an LMS, for it is what ideally creates your learning courses, taking up the interactivity. eLucid’s Rapid Authoring Tools offer a plethora of options to create the best training programs that are engaging, effective, and you can customize it to your needs.


With easy-to-use rapid authoring tools you save time, money and effort in creating an interesting course for your learners with quite a lot of options at your disposal like interactive video, course presentations, quizzes, etc.

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Why do you need a Customized LMS?

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

It is crucial that your LMS is customized with the latest features in order to accommodate all the training and learning requirements. Having custom courses is not enough, your LMS also plays an important part in the success of your learning program. Which is why you should consider customizing it as well.