Advertising LLC is a leading multinational advertising company that provides a large spectrum of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to its global clientele. They are front-runners in creating innovative products for both publishers and advertisers.

❝the largest pools of advertisers in the world❞

It takes a lot of effort and hardwork to build a team of top-notch advertisers, and knows this well. Built with the aim to provide excellence to their diverse and global clients, makes sure that every aspect of their system lives up to this expectation. And the capability of their workforce is integral to their vision.

As is the case with any corporate organization, the learning activities are central to talent development. had a traditional classroom training format. While it was adequate, it was not efficient. Given the distributed nature of office locations, organizing training programs for employees the traditional way, became a scheduling nightmare. It was difficult to reach out to every employee sitting at across the globe and to administer training at each place.

The traditional classroom based training was time consuming and expensive. knew they had to move to a more flexible, online training system. It was their best option and a logical step to tackle the current training woes. But finding a training system that suited their needs was not as easy. spent over a year exploring various corporate training or learning management systems, visiting e-learning conferences to research trending solutions. It was at one Learning and Development conference, that they came across eLucid – a platform that caught their interest immediately.

After discussing their unique needs, thoroughly studying eLucid, taking time to test its features, they were convinced that eLucid was perfect for their unique needs and and covered every one of their niche requirements.

Boosting Training with Interactivity

The standout feature for them, and the one they extensively use is the possibility to create interactive content.

In today’s day and age where capturing student interest and building engagement are of prime importance, interactive learning content becomes a solid means of content delivery.

Interactive content authoring tools give corporate trainers the power to create engaging course content and boost information retention. is quite pleased with eLucid and are on their way to extend their contract with us for another year!  

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