Make Learning Compelling and Rewarding with Gamification

Gamification and games elevate the learning experience by replacing heaps of boring study material with fun and engaging games and points.

Motivate Learners to Keep Coming Back

Inculcate the learning habit with compelling and persuasive goals. Getting notified of fellow-student progress, earning badges keeps learners motivated and drives them to improve training outcomes.

Boost Participation and Course Completion 

With a dash of fun added to training, students tend to be motivated to participate and speed up course completion. Gamification techniques like levels and a scorecard push students to perform and keep them engaged.


Spark the Spirit of Competition in Learners

Supercharge learning by adding a sense of healthy competition to the learner pool. Students are motivated to work harder, reach milestones quicker, so as to improve their position on the leaderboard or earn points.

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Why do you need a Customized LMS?

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

It is crucial that your LMS is customized with the latest features in order to accommodate all the training and learning requirements. Having custom courses is not enough, your LMS also plays an important part in the success of your learning program. Which is why you should consider customizing it as well.

An Insider’s Guide to LMS Customizations 

An Insider’s Guide to LMS Customizations 

While out-of-the-box options work for some, it is important that organizations are able to personalize their LMS to represent their values. But do you know which LMS customization options will help you achieve your objectives effectively? Here are 6 Customization options to look for in an LMS.