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Personalize your team’s learning

Generalization doesn’t relate to individuals. Every person, every team has different learning needs. Personalize what your teams need.

What is the need to personalize?

There’s always a lot to learn. And you want every employee to know everything from onboarding and compliance to products and processes. And that takes rigorous learning and effort. People are required to dedicate time on the job which comes at a cost. And when that time is not effectively used it tends to disappoint the managers, bosses, and everyone in general. Showing people the right directions help them stay focussed and avoid distractions and helps you make the best out of their time.

How eLucid personalizes Learning

With eLucid you have the capability to create focused programs or tracks personalized for individuals and small teams. Learning programs are designed to keep learners updated on their learning journey – what they’re supposed to do now, tomorrow and in the future. It keeps them in-line with the organization’s expectations and motivates them to participate more.
It also makes it easier for you to track progress and completion of programs with in-depth and easy to read reports and data.

Where can I use Learning Programs?

Every organization has an induction program which is, in most cases a combination of various pieces of training like induction, HR policies, compliance training, functional training based on your team and job role. Every new joinee must go through them in order to move ahead. Imagine if all these pieces are organized into different courses on the LMS and combined together in a single learning program called ‘Onboarding’. This gives a sense of confidence to the learner because it keeps them informed at every step of the overall process of onboarding in this scenario. As the trainer, you get insights on the progress of every new joinee’s onboarding process and get to keep your learner’s engaged at every step.

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