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  • The first step to learning is a curious mind..
  • Question is  – how do you stoke that feeling of curiosity amongst a bunch of students already distracted by a thousand notifications on their smartphones? How can your course hold their attention when they are already being pulled away by the sights and sounds of their learning environments?
  • You might ‘teach’ – but did they ‘learn’? Ah! – The Classic problem learning administrators and teachers face every minute of their lives – ‘Lack of Learner Engagement!!’
  • Does Stoking Curiosity Help Learner Engagement?

  • Have you noticed how people remember stuff that they ‘do’ instead of stuff that they ‘read’? If we offer learners a chance to ‘interact’ with the course content, they will feel engaged. When you’re reading a story, what happens to your mind? Because of the narration, your mind becomes curious and naturally, the story is able to hold your attention. This state of mind automatically holds their attention for a longer time, and gives them motivation to keep discovering more. It is in this state of the curious mind, your learning is ‘maximised’. More importantly, you’re always curious about what is to come next…

So what can be done to Stoke Curiosity?

A : Create Interactive content in your courseInstead of simple text & images –  add video files, audio files, presentations & other items & try to induce actions from the learners. Add layers of activities on top of course material. For example, you can add Quizzes, Sequencing Questions, Match the Following on top of videos, presentations, and other course items. There are a wide variety of interactions possible that involve the user taking a lot of action inside the course material. Get students to answer spot quizzes on videos they have watched, audio clips they’ve heard etc. 

Is it easy to create Interactive Content?

  • Yeah why not! Only if you have a big team of instruction designers, with access to premium authoring tools like Adobe Captivate & Articulate Storyline! AND If your teachers/course instructors/experts can spend months with your instruction designers to create awesome interactive course material – You must have got the sarcasm by now!
  • It is really difficult to create interactive content within the LMS. A lot of time & money is spent in outsourcing content creation. But have you thought about this? –  Can anyone create better course material, than your own experts?
  • So How Does eLucid Enable Interactive Content?
  • It has a very robust rapid authoring tool for creating interactive content. Your own team-heads, department-heads, or teachers can build interactive content quickly and have decent sophistication in the quality of course content
  • Your team heads can build presentations instead of lists
  • Your trainers can play videos along with quizzes on top of them to gauge if the learner is paying any attention.
  • The teachers can enable ‘match-the-following’ questions on top of clips
  • All of this can be done within eLucid’s default authoring dashboard. You can even show the learner encouraging messages at the end of each interactive content

Examples of Interactive Learning Content with eLucid

You can create questions where the answer needs to be spoken instead of being ‘typed’ or ‘selected’. Isn’t this much more interactive and motivating than simply, drab selection?

Interactive Quiz

Following is an example of a quiz overlay on top of a video. This is useful for catching the learner’s attention, and making sure they stay on top of the material they’re going through. This is especially important for videos that are too long.

Interactive Video

Will Interactive Content work for you?

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