Staffing & Recruitment

Spending on Workforce Training is on the Rise, as 70% of the Companies Identify “Capability Gaps”

The biggest challenge Staffing companies are facing today, is hiring the right talent and closing skill gaps. The key functionality needed from a training platform is to be able to build processes to identify and develop a skilled workforce.

Overcoming Staffing and Recruitment Challenges

Training is vital to the success of any organization. Given that the Recruitment industry has to furbish the workforce needs of other companies, the industry itself requires a highly-skilled employee portfolio. Along with understanding the needs of their clients, employees have to understand their processes and undergo compliance training.

Staffing companies have to work towards hiring the right talent and making sure company needs are met. As multiple companies are brought on board, their norms and regulations, diversity needs, understanding their benefits and packages need to be understood. An effective training solution can speed up the learning process and can reduce training cost.


How Can eLucid Help?

Streamlined Hiring Processes

Diverse Learning Paths

Performance Evaluation Modules

Detailed Reporting

eLucid Provides the Right Tools for Every Step of the Training Process


With eLucid, you can set up competency tests, add application prerequisites and schedule training content, to hire the best talent


Quickly train your workforce to be field-ready with time-bound courses teamed up with clearance criteria to speed up onboarding


Employee skills are kept sharp with access to course content, documents and setup of content revision paths


Create varied learning paths, host interactive sessions and set time-sensitive performace goals to develop employee skills


eLucid provides various tools that make course content easy to access and update. There is an internal wiki and glossary as well


eLucid helps you with detailed analysis and evaluation of employee performance through graphical reports