Pharma Industry

Are You Looking for a Streamlined Approach to Manage Your Workforce

In the Pharmaceutical industry, the workforce is the backbone of sales and marketing. Training the workforce to be competent is not an option, but using the right platform to do the job is!

The Pharma Industry’s Training Needs

The Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most dynamic sectors in the economy today. And, the workforce is central to this fiercely competitive industry. Ensuring that the field-force is ready and updated with the latest industry regulations is a challenging task.

An online learning and development program can take the burden off of the management and can simplify the compliance training process. With automatic notifications and reminders, employees can be kept current with the industry trends. As consumers become more knowledgeable and with the growth in the research segment, employee training has to be fast and cost-effective.

A training platform not only should meet these needs of the industry but should also help the workforce to build their portfolio as sales representatives.


eLucid Encompasses the Needed Features

Detailed Training Processes

On Demand Content Access

Comprehensive Reporting

Advanced Performance Analysis

Training & Performance Improvement Solutions for


With the right kind of tools to setup your induction training programs, eLucid covers your on boarding training needs with ease!


eLucid communicates policy and compliance updates effectively to all personnel with advanced notification tools


Employee skills are kept sharp with access to course content, documents and setup of content revision paths


With detailed reporting eLucid helps you identify the next generation team leaders and managers from your workforce


Access content repositories on demand, with eLucid’s mobile app; never be left at bay when information is needed


Get on top of employee performance reports to help you understand if employees are field ready or not