Banking, Finance Services and Insurance

8 out of 10 companies in the Financial sector identify “training employees across locations” as their main hurdle

Today Financial services and Banking industries need to transform their training model and performance measures to gain long-term objectives and ensure sustainable growth. With eLucid, distributed training needs can be met while keeping expenses on the down-low!

% Spending Reduced with eLucid 46%

Talent Development in the Financial Sector

The Banking and Financial sector is highly dynamic and competitive. This sector is influenced by new laws and government changes, making it imperative to keep the training program updated. The sector also covers a broad spectrum of the workforce, with each job requiring a different skillset.

With every company in this segment growing, its workforce gets distributed across locations. In such a situation, e-learning plays a major role in talent development. With an online training program, employees can be trained simultaneously while preserving the security of data, and training content can be easily updated to maintain compliance.

A high employee turnover rate, regulatory and legal requirements, and a demand for employee onboarding can be effectively met with an online training platform.


Key Requirements Addressed by eLucid

Streamlined Training Processes

On Demand Access for Easy Recall

Comprehensive Document Management

Video Conferencing Capabilities

Training & Performance Improvement Solutions for


With the right kind of tools to setup your induction training programs, eLucid covers your on boarding training needs with ease!


eLucid communicates policy and compliance updates effectively to all personnel with advanced notification tools


Employee skills are kept sharp with access to course content, documents and setup of content revision paths


Address your blended learning needs with in-built video conferencing tools to organize live courses


With detailed feedback and reporting analysis tools, eLucid makes it easy to evaluate employee performance


At any point in time, access to information is quick and secure. Data privacy and risk-aversion are highly-prioritized