From a survey conducted among 1,500 L&D leaders, “Employees not attending programmes” was the biggest challenge that emerged. The leading reason? A dull and complicated training delivery platform.

Talent development is vital to a company’s success— and, an effective training program is the backbone of it all.

You have to make sure your training program is engaging, current, all-encompassing. And that’s a lot to expect from an outdated training platform. You could have several other reasons to upgrade— your company is growing, you’re looking for cool new features, better student experience, or a complete overhaul— whatever the reason be, the time for change is now!

eLucid – the New Age Training Platform

Out of the many platforms for enterprise learning, eLucid has time and again proven to be a class apart. As a platform specifically built for corporates, eLucid offers unique features to meet the training and development needs of large-scale businesses.

Here’s how.

#1 Ease of Access – for On-demand Learning

The challenge most enterprises face is to train a workforce that’s spread across the globe. Add work-related tasks to the mix, and you’ll have employees resisting a stringent training program. An accessible training program gives learners the flexibility to train on-the-go.

eLucid’s cloud-based setup makes for easy course access anytime, anywhere. What’s even better, is the eLucid mobile app, that allows for online and offline access to help learners meet training goals efficiently.

#2 Integrations and Customizability – to Support an Enterprise’s Changing Needs

An ideal training platform should allow seamless navigation across all company applications. eLucid effortlessly integrates with the company’s HR, IT, and other applications, for fluid data transfer. The single-sign-on functionality eases employee onboarding and registration processes.

Above all, eLucid offers complete customization control to meet specific training needs.

#3 Capability & Permission Control – for Different User Roles

Your learning platform is bound to be accessed by different users, such as instructors, managers, course authors, training heads, employees, and so on. Each type of user has a specific role to play and needs access to certain settings and options based on the type.

training programeLucid offers a User Access Matrix, to help manage the capabilities and permission of each user role. You can create a role hierarchy, with the admin having the widest capability set, and the trainee having the least.

#4 Content delivery techniques – for Better Training

The effectiveness of training content can be maximized with the right kind of content delivery technique. For example, reading long blocks of text is viewed as boring. An image or video could be used to break the monotony and introduce a level of engagement.

eLucid goes beyond simplistic methods of content delivery, with innovative tools such as interactive learning content (for two-directional training), game-based learning, micro-learning (perfect for millennials), support for live sessions and webinars, and a whole lot more.

training program#5 Blended Learning by eLucid – to Support Offline Courses

Most Learning Management Systems stop at supporting your e-learning activities. eLucid goes a leap further by providing support for offline courses as well. This cloud-based enterprise learning platform offers an omnichannel experience no matter the medium.

Your entire training process— with online, offline, live courses— can be managed with eLucid, making it a comprehensive enterprise learning solution.

#6 Learner Paths – for Adaptive Learning

Not all trainees are alike. eLucid lets you control the path a learner should follow to best meet training goals. Set course pre-requisites, drip-feed course content, add special courses to be completed based on quiz results, set course refreshment reminders, and a whole lot more.

#7 Corporate and Brand Identity Maintenance – for a White-Labelled Interface

As an enterprise, corporate identity, branding, are ingrained in the system. Your training program is a part of operations and, consequently, the platform should look and feel like part of the organization.

eLucid offers a styling template that can be customized to meet your branding needs. Right from the logo, login page, colors, font, you could add your own corporate branding.

training program#8 Customized Reporting by eLucid- for Easy Analysis

In enterprise learning, reporting is as important as delivering the course content. eLucid helps track student progress, generate graphical reports, set up custom reports, and a whole lot more.

eLucid also offers a one-of-a-kind video assessment tool for sales and customer service training.

#9 Scalability – to Back Enterprise Growth

A vital parameter that makes a platform ideal for enterprises is the possibility to scale. Scalability means handling the ever-growing enterprise employee network, the increase in users of the platform, smooth-performance in spite of an increase in active users and so on.

eLucid is architected to scale along with your organization. Its extendable database and functionality can easily adapt to enterprise growth.

Other features about eLucid:

  • Gamification – to keep students motivated and engaged
  • Simple intuitive user-interface – offers a low learning curve for employees of all age-groups
  • Advanced notifications – for immediate updates and messaging
  • Collaboration tools – to support social learning

Experience The eLucid Advantage

Picking the right kind of talent development platform can increase the success of your training program. And a good training program results in a better workforce. eLucid comes packaged with top-of-the-line features presented to you through a user-friendly interface.

Change is a click away. The question is, are you ready for it?

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