What is Immersive Learning? 

There is quite a lot of difference between learning something and being able to put that knowledge into action. Although there are many features in an LMS that are aimed at retaining the learner’s interest and attention throughout the course, they may or may not be equipped with the will to put that knowledge to use.

Immersive Learning is a method that involves putting together real life scenarios for the learner to understand and learn by trial and error, without causing any actual damage. It is done by using simulated and artificial environments created for the learner, to experience the real life situation and tackle it effectively.

More or less similar to a mock test of sorts, where they are in the same situation as that of an upcoming real life one, but for the sake of practice. It puts the learner in control, helping them develop their motivation, retention, engagement, and of course, confidence.

Immersive learning is an extremely feasible and practical approach to learning that can be tailored as per the organization, the learners, the company values, beliefs, practices and requirements.  

There are some features that facilitate immersive learning and motivate learners to gain education with a better approach; eLucid offers these features like pitch preps, code fiddle, assignments and choices.

Pitch Prep essentially helps with soft skills like planning, organisation and preparing for a big pitch in the market, while Code Fiddle is a coding skilled assessment tool, helping learners sharpen their coding skills and broaden their skill set. 

Another advantageous feature offered by eLucid is the assignment tool where the learners can submit their assignments directly onto the portal without any paper submissions, and instructors can review their work and provide feedback then and there. One can create quizzes, presentations and videos to help the learner stay engaged and retain the information long after. 

However, the process of learning doesn’t just stop there. Tracking the progress and journey is equally important, and with eLucid’s tracking tools, we deliver immersive learning as a complete package.

Why Immersive Learning? 

Offering more comfort and convenience, better results, and feasibility, immersive learning is a highly engaging tool. It keeps the learners perpetually interested and motivated to learn new techniques. This can be done at the learner’s comfort and pace, facilitating better retention of the information and the will to execute that learned knowledge. 

Immersive learning is not only a favourable method of learning for employees but also for the organisation, as without the need for a professor or a classroom, the costs of the training majorly reduces; it also doesn’t require external guidance.

Its flexibility and high impact reach makes immersive learning one of the best learning tools that takes the learners on an insightful journey, allowing them to apply their knowledge in the right manner and make impactful decisions. One can also customise the scenarios according to the company’s values, practices and beliefs, reaping maximum results for them. 

Immersive Learning Environments 



Immersive Learning Environments are situations constructed for this learning to take place and for the learners to explore and gain practical knowledge. This can happen in two forms, either physical or virtual environments, ranging from role playing situations to simulations and virtual environments.

By creating such scenarios for the learner to try, fail, succeed and understand how to work in such situations, gives them necessary practice and confidence for real life scenarios. These environments offer them with the opportunity to learn from their own trials and errors, failures and determine the correct protocols, values and behaviour to tackle a situation.

Here are a few methods of immersive learning that are bound to transform your training.

  • Immersive Storytelling

    Immersive storytelling is not only a vital tool in the learning and development industry but also so, in immersive learning. When it comes to connecting with the learner and sustaining their interest throughout, reaching out to their emotions is the most effective solution. 

    It works exactly with that approach. It involves immersing the learner into a character, be it be a customer or an employee, making them realize the effect of every action.

    This method is more than just placing the learner in a particular scenario; it is about indulging them into a story, allowing them to experience and understand the workings with the aid of emotions, paving the way for better and impactful results. 

  • Real Experiences

    Since the whole purpose of this form of training is to prepare the learners and equip them with the right knowledge to tackle real-life work situations, it makes immense sense for them to learn in realistic scenarios, too.

    By providing realistic experiences to the learners, they are more likely to make better decisions the next time around and repeat successful behaviours. 

Winding Up

Given the above, we could vouch for immersive learning as a better alternative for learners than any other learning process. It gives the learners effective learning experiences that have optimum outcomes for the employees and the organisation as a whole. 

With the perk of minimal costs, this method lets the learner educate themselves at their own pace, helping them make better decisions in the future, personalized to the company’s values. To conclude, if a company wants to focus on the growth of their employees in the right direction, they need to include immersive learning in their training programme.  

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