Employees are an important and integral part of a company; they are the human resource that can take it to new heights. Having said that, their performance and productivity is what is ideally responsible in taking your organisation to these new heights.

This can only be possible when the learners possess the skills, knowledge and motivation to actually perform well and work towards the company’s growth and success. Their training and education is what develops all of it, and hence, is crucial.

Now, to build and maintain their interest and retention in these training programs can only be achieved when the course is engaging enough. Keeping employees engaged and motivated throughout is a perpetual feat but is definitely a necessary and effective one.

According to statistics, disengaged and disinterested employees can cost the company $7 trillion in lost productivity, as in that case, they might not be very involved and productive in their work and may make several errors, which can get costly. It also showed that about 18% employees are actively disengaged while 67% of the employees are not engaged in their jobs and only a mere 15% of them are motivated to work.

This only suggests how important it is to increase learner engagement first, which would result in steady involvement with the job and hence, increased productivity and healthy outcomes for the organisation.

With eLucid’s compelling features, it becomes fairly easy to keep employees laser-focused in a training course, while also increasing job satisfaction, loyalty and performance.

Here are a few concrete ways eLucid can help with employee engagement.

1. Create deep learning experiences with our rapid authoring tools

eLucid has a plethora of options to create the best training programs that are not just engaging but also effective, with the additional feature of customizing it to your needs. Authoring is an essential feature in an LMS, for it is what ideally creates your learning courses, taking up the interactivity.

eLucid's Rapid Authoring Tools


Now, these authoring tools can get complex and tedious to use but that is exactly where we come into play.

With our rapid authoring tools that are easy, you don’t have to spend plenty of time, money and effort in creating an interesting course for your learners with quite a lot of options at your disposal like interactive video, course presentations, quizzes, etc.

2. Let your learners interact with your content

Texts and images can only take you so far; after a point of time, the course may get monotonous and need an upgrade. The way the course is conveyed to the learners needs to be updated too, according to what is actually working for the learner, the type of content they like and what hikes up their interaction with it.

With eLucid’s interactive learning tools like interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes and dialogue cards, learning is not only simplified but also turned more effective.


Interactive Dialogue Cards help increase learner engagement


Say, here, one can insert topic related MCQs, fill in the blanks and such interactive formats within the videos, to not just test the learners but also sustain their interest in the course.

Interactive Videos help increase learner engagement

The process to add these within these media formats is also relatively easier for the administrators or the course curators. Tools like dialogue cards are effective for courses related to language while drag & drop and single-choice questions can be inculcated into videos to test the learner’s understanding and of course, keep them engaged.

Interactive videos help increase learner engagement

You can also have voice-overs in presentations. Again, the process of adding these interactions on top of the content is pretty simple and only improves learner retention and participation.

With various distractions in our daily life, keeping the learner interested can become a difficult task, but this can be combated successfully with changing the style of teaching from traditional to practical. You can request a free eLucid demo and see authoring tools in action.

3. Use ready-made games and make learning fun

Studies have shown that 80% of learners prefer a game based training method, as it is easier to learn and retain. eLucid offers Game-based learning that provides different game formats like crossword, millionaire, snakes and ladders, hangman, treasure hunt and shooting. These games have the topic vividly incorporated into them in a way that the individual subconsciously keeps learning and stays focused on the training while consciously participating in these games. For example, in a Snakes and Ladders game in a course, everytime you answer correctly, you roll the dice & go up the ladder.

Such games facilitate the learner’s interest and engagement with the course content, while making it enjoyable. Game-based learning can actively be a win-win situation for both, the organisations and the learners.

Winding Up

All the efforts and money invested in a learning strategy can go down the drain if the desired results aren’t met. Increasing learner engagement is just one crucial way to guarantee the same.

With eLucid, we help build the best and customised training programs with several interesting features to add to the learning experience. From adding interactions to the content, microlearning to game-based training methods, we cater to every essential here, promising corporate learning that is larger than life.

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