Beat Away Lethargy and Boredom with Game-Based Learning

Most students view learning as a tedious and predictive process. Get rid of boring, traditional forms of learning by introducing vivid content through games.

80% of Learners Prefer Game-Like Content

Research says students would be more productive if their learning involved games. Games encourage engagement and help keep learners focused on the training content. By being able to add games to the learning process you can elevate the training experience.

Offer Learners Multiple Gaming Options

eLucid lets you add a wide-range of games to training content. Discovering new game types can build excitement and enthusiasm in learners.


an entertaining and challenging puzzle game that involves guessing answers based on clues


An MCQ quiz-like game, where the level of difficulty increases as you progress

Snakes & Ladders

A classic children’s game with a twist. Every right answer sends you up the ladder, while a wrong answer results in a fall


A word guessing game with limited attempts to add challenge

Treasure Hunt

A clue-driven game that keeps students hooked in solving the quest


A game that adds a level of fun to routine learning

Improve Time Spent on LMS

When training content is woven into games,  keep students gripped and drive them to keep coming back to the learning platform. With engaging games, students spend more time on the content which directly boosts content retention and understanding.

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Why do you need a Customized LMS?

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

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An Insider’s Guide to LMS Customizations 

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