“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

  – Benjamin Franklin

  • Majority of people can retain less than half of the information just after one hour of learning.
  • People easily forget approximately 70% of the information after one day of learning.
  • Corporations worldwide spend over $70 Billion on training their employees.
  • Game-based learning is the best way to interact with students.

Why Game-Based Learning – Because Reading is Not Enough!


Reading and viewing are not enough to gain a proper understanding of the subject. For a detailed understanding, it is important to get your learners actively involved in the learning process. Learners retain only 5% when they attend a lecture, 10% when they read, 20% when they understand a concept using audio-visual, 30% when they visualize the concept, 50% when engaged in a Group Discussion, 75% when involved in continuous practice, and 90% when teaching the same stuff to others.


Playing games is one of the best leisure activities that everyone enjoys. With some strategic modifications, you can create an unparalleled game-based learning experience for your learners. Your learners don’t have much time, nor do they want to invest a lot of their free time in learning. They are busy and they also need to relax. But, if it is for the game, Players (read ‘Learners’) work harder voluntarily.


Following table shows the major requirements for learning and corresponding gaming elements that fulfill these requirements:


Must-haves for learning

Matching Gaming Element

Motivation to start the learning process and be consistently engaged.

Game goals, conflict, challenges, rewards, cooperation, etc.

Relevant practice that will edify the application of learning.

Mimic the contexts from the real world in the game. Utilize game goals, rules, challenges, reward structures, etc. to solve real-world problems.

Personalized, timely as well as discrete feedback that effectively corrects or reinforces the learning.

Game feedback loops as well as the reward structures.

Ability to instantly retrieve the contents of learning whenever required in the real world.

Stories in the game, play experience, emotional attachment, periodic and repetitive play.


Game-based learning boosts the learning process in the following ways:


  • Increases Engagement of the Learners

What if you tell your learners to hone their skills while playing? Won’t this be a Eureka moment for them? Games are said to have physiological benefits on the brain. This game-based learning drives not only decision-making ability but also helps in developing the cognitive functions of the learner. This contemporary way of learning makes interaction easier and successfully overcome the cultural, social as well as generational barriers.

With eLucid, you can create engaging learning experiences for your learners. Introduce the elements of Snakes and ladders, Millionaire, and Crosswords to enhance the learning module. 

For example, in snakes and ladders, the box where the ladder starts will have a question, answer to which will be at the end of the ladder. Same goes for the snakes. 

These games will bring nostalgia to your learners and increase their attention. Thus increasing the frequency of their learning and subsequently the engagement. And that will be your ultimate Eureka moment!


  • Increases Retention of the Learners

Curiosity is one of the essential elements of learning and adding gaming elements to it will naturally hold the attention of your learners. Game-based learning actively involves the learner in the process. Take the example of reading a thriller novel. Throughout the story, a reader’s curiosity is maintained which holds the attention. The reader is entirely looking forward to the next chapter. This curiosity increases the retention of the learners. 

Similarly, why do you think you can quickly recall funny dialogues from movies? This is because you are super absorbed in the process. Gamifying learning material is more like making the learning process more engaging and more interesting. This will help your learners remember the content without adding any extra efforts.

Hold your learner’s curiosity in order to increase their retention. With eLucid’, you can effortlessly develop learning materials in the form of a game and get your learners involved in the learning process. This helps in increasing the learner’s curiosity as they will be always looking forward to what will happen next.

Since the learning contents are gamified, it is more likely that the learners will come back time and again to play it, thus repeating and revising the whole contents while enjoying the process (read ‘game’).

Wrapping Up

Motivation is essential for learning. Adding gaming elements will motivate and compel your learners to think on their own and perform actions. You can create a more engaging, interactive and interesting LMS using eLucid’s platform. This will make your learners retain the contents for a longer period of time.

Creating such engaging LMS will make learners use it more frequently and will totally involve them in the process. Thus, increasing the overall outcome and overall completion rate of your course.

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