Competency Based Learning

Learning doesn't drive results, alone. Skills do.

 Define job related skills and competencies by identifying the key abilities required to improve individual employee performance.


Define skills an competencies relevant to your business needs

Create competency plans for specific job roles and help employees really close skill gaps

Assign Learning plans to your learners with eLucid’s enrollment automation 

Track & Monitor individual competency development progress

For example, A salesman with abundance of experience and product knowledge is struggling with his/her fluency in a English. This is affecting his/her confidence and overall performance. As in-charge of people development, you’re task is to identify such skill gaps and provide learning content to empower employees personal and professional development. 

Using eLucid’s robust competency management, you can create various path for competency development for your employees that automatically links all the available courses and content into individual learning plans. eLucid automatically guides your learner’s to complete their competency based learning plans and monitors & tracks all of their progress.