Build easily, Teach effectively

eLucid’s ecosystem of features helps you focus solely on improving learning outcomes for your students, while leaving the entire process of setting up and maintaining the LMS to us


Rapid Authoring Tools

Build awesome &  interactive content internally. eLucid’s Rapid Authoring Tools make addition of course content a breeze! 

Micro-Learning Content & Drip Feed

Get better control and flow into your course content by using eLucid’s easy options to create micro-learning material. 

Micro-Learning Content & Drip Feed

Get better control and flow into your course content by using eLucid’s easy options to create micro-learning material. 

Craft Deep Learning Experiences

Create amazing learning experiences with our interactive content authoring. Your learners will love the various interaction elements inside eLucid courses. 

Skill Development

Elevate your Employees’ Skills

Help people become more competent – eLucid’s Competency framework helps you set goals for people to acquire newer skills to stay competitive. 

Personalised Learning Paths – Because Everyone has Different Aspirations!


Give your learners personalised learning tracks based on their current competency levels, and place them in a strong position to achieve their learning goals. Remember, learning was never one-size-fits-all!


Satiate your Learners’ thirst for Knowledge. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Your learners take their learning everywhere with them. They want access to learning material practically anywhere and everywhere. Go with them and in the process, increase completion rates of your courses.


Gamification – Super charged!

Motivate your learners into action, through Gamification of their learning activity. Use our range of ‘Levels’, ‘Badges’ & ‘Leaderboards’ to inculcate healthy competition amongst your people.


Engage. Interact. Transform Learning!

Increase engagement through encouragement! eLucid’s various engagement options like Game-Based Learning and Interactive Content make learning an extremely absorbing and pleasurable experience! 


Single Unified Learning View across All your Systems

Get a unified view of your learner’s progress by integrating eLucid with your internal tools. eLucid integrates nicely with most tools used by organisations.

Reports and Analytics

Compare and Analyze

Compare course performance across time and instructor. Compare individual learners. Analyze activity completion and engagement.

Monitor Learning Progress

Use multiple reports that identify at-risk learners using YOUR institutional parameters.

Game Based Learning

Offer Learners Game-Based Content

Discovering new game types can build excitement and enthusiasm in learners.

Improve Time Spent on LMS

When training content is woven into games, have students gripped and drive them to keep coming back to the learning platform.

Sharing our Thoughts

We regularly blog about various eLucid features, updates and how we think eLucid can really help you out!

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

Why do you need a Customized LMS?

It is crucial that your LMS is customized with the latest features in order to accommodate all the training and learning requirements. Having custom courses is not enough, your LMS also plays an important part in the success of your learning program. Which is why you should consider customizing it as well.