Updates and Improvements

Version 3.7 – June 2019

1. Home Page Builder
You can now customize your homepage the way you want. You don’t need any technical skills to build it. Just let your creativity create magic.


2. Learning Program
Now create pre-defined learning paths for your learners, on the basis of their current skills, by just combining multiple courses into a single Learning Program.


3. Site-wide Stats for admins
Admins can now have a direct view of their LMS statistics on the dashboard itself. Statistics such as Total no. of Users, Total No. of Visits in last 30 days are now accessible on the dashboard page for all LMS administrators.


4. Individual stats
Learners can now, in one view, see the Number of Courses they are enrolled in, Total Number of activities to be Completed and Number of Learning Programs they’re enrolled onto.


5. Shortcut for turning Editing on for Admins
Provided the toggle button for admins and learners to start editing their page.


6. Learner timeline on the Dashboard
Learners can now plan out their activity by staying up-to-date with their day-to-day learning tasks with this feature.


7. Improved Course and System Navigation
Improved overall course and system navigation. Users can easily navigate between different activities and courses.


8. Improved Self-enrolment Page
Improved User Interface on the self-enrollment page – a quick preview of the course material before enrollment.


9. Star your courses
Learners can now ‘Star’(Bookmark) courses. They can see these courses under the ‘Course Overview’ block.


10. Course preview before enrollment
Course Creators can now give a quick preview of the course using a video for the Learner’s reference. Even unenrolled users can view the video to get a quick look at what the course is about.


11. The improved User tour experience
Learners can now use the direction keys to navigate from one step in the tour to the next.


12. Renamed Course Archive Page to Course Catalogue
‘Archive Page’ seemed outdated and boring. So we changed it!

13. Improved Course Catalogue Experience
You can now see all the courses with their categories. Slide from right to left to view various courses in a particular category.


14. Learning Program details on User Profile Page
Now view all the courses of the Learning program you are enrolled into on the profile page. Easily navigation and accessibility.


15. The improved user experience when transitioning between pages
With a newly added animation, the experience when loading new pages is less monotonous.


16. General Bug fixes
Well, bugs are bad for our product! Had to be wiped.