Built to optimize talent development processes in the e-learning space, eLucid serves as a platform for seamless content creation, articulation, and evaluation of employees. FinancesOnline, a distinguished platform for B2B and SaaS reviews, has commended eLucid with the recognition for being a reliable learning management system for furthering the growth and development of employees.

eLucid was distinguished with the Rising Star Award for 2018 in FinancesOnline’s best learning management system niche alongside a favorable 95% user satisfaction rating. This award underscores eLucid as one of the most trusted brands on the market attributed to increasing market popularity coupled with positive customer traction.

The FinancesOnline LMS research also shows that eLucid is one of the top brands in the market. At eLucid, we dearly value the feedback of our partners and it warms our hearts that many believe in our innovative platform. Our solution is recognized as one of the top 20 most affordable LMS software while being the world’s first and only learning ecosystem that revolutionizes corporate training.

The FinancesOnline team also dissected the various eLucid features to create an objective review. What they found most compelling about our learning ecosystem platform is its interactive learning approach. FinancesOnline wrote,

“Instead of boring and unimaginative training sessions, eLucid gives users powerful tools that allow them to make interactive content and game-based learning to spur their employees becoming more engaged and receptive to new things and easily acquire and retain necessary skills and knowledge to raise and accelerate their career trajectory.”

The FinancesOnline review team also underscored our collaboration functionalities for trainees, scenario-based video assessment for an engaging and real-time evaluation, user access management for content-specific access rights, and comprehensive reporting for more insightful monitoring of trainee progress. With eLucid making it easy for corporations to create a fun and intuitive learning experience, FinancesOnline distinguished us as well with their Great User Experience Award for 2018.

Visit FinancesOnline for the full review, and please get in touch with us if you have yet to try eLucid.

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