Hi everyone – while deciding which LMS you need, price is probably the biggest factor on your mind – Will it justify the investment? Will I be able to afford it? Will I get a great deal? So on and so forth..

Through this post, I’ve attempted to demystify eLucid’s pricing model so that you exactly know what you’re getting into & you’ll be able to calculate your total investment in the LMS, let’s say over the course of a year. This generally is going to help you in the future, when you’ll be asked tough questions by your executive leadership team.

*Disclaimer – All the prices mentioned here, are purely representational, and are not the actual quoted plans. Since we’re a service for Enterprise grade learning environments, our costs are customised for each eLucid installation. The prices mentioned here, are NOT supposed to be taken at face value, or as a quote commitment from eLucid.

It’ll also help you create better budgets for your annual Learning & Development programs.So let me first start off by explaining each ‘Column Header’ in our Price chart. See below:-

eLucid Price Chart Line Items

1. Monthly Number of Active Users

This is essentially, the number of ‘unique’ logins by your employees/students in one calendar month. So, if you had 10 employees, and they logged in 100 times in a particular month, the monthly number of active users would be 10. So essentially, only the first login of a user in a particular month is counted towards calculating the bill for that particular month. This ensures that eLucid customers pay only for the users who ‘use’ the LMS, so in a way, we take the load off you, if for some reason, your online learning program doesn’t take off the way you expected it to. It also buys you more time to test different strategies to increase the login rate of users on your LMS. After all, what’s the point of paying for a feature-rich LMS that hardly gets used.

2. Rate

This is the average cost per user/employee/student that you’re going to be investing on a monthly basis. Here, again a ‘user’ is defined as the 1st login of a particular user in that particular month. So, let’s say, hypothetically, if you have only 1 user on the LMS on 1st January 2020, and if that user logs in 100 times in January, then you pay only for 1 user! Isn’t that great? Pay only when you succeed to get more employees or students on the LMS, and we will support you all the way. Obviously, we don’t support very small user bases of less than 100 employees(Hey, we do have to pay our bills! :)), but as the number of employees goes up, the ‘rate’ that you pay per employee goes down. Essentially, its cheaper to use eLucid for higher employee logins. This also implies that – the more successful your online learning program is – the better is the cost/benefit ratio on your employee training.

3. Monthly Subscription

This is simply the multiplication of ‘Rate’ and the “Monthly Number of Active Logins” columns. So, if the rate is $2/ user or ₹200/user per month, and if the number of users are 100, then the Monthly Subscription will be $200 or ₹20,000/- respectively. Do note that you have to purchase ‘slabs’ – you cannot pay only for a specific number of active logins. So, let’s say you have purchased a slab of upto 300 users and the rate is ₹150/user, and only 249 unique logins happen in a particular month. The cost will still be ₹45,000/- for that month. This helps you plan your costs in a much more structured manner, and it’s possible for you to give projections of total cost of ownership in a simpler way.

Important Sub-question – What if my training program exceeds expectations and more number of unique users log in to eLucid in a particular month – more than the ‘slab’ that I’ve purchased

Nothing to worry in this case! First of all, access to the LMS will NOT be restricted even if the number of active logins is much more than the permissible number based on the ‘slab’ you purchased. If it’s just 5-10 users above the slab, we don’t charge you for that. eLucid doesn’t have an automatic billing model as of yet, so your Client Success Manager will bill you only for the purchased slab. However, if the number is much higher than the slab(for example, you have 380 users on a slab of 300 users, then the 80 users will be chargeable. BUT here’s the sweet deal – these ’80’ users will be charged at a lower rate than the 300 users, because you have now moved on to a higher slab. Don’t fret – we know that this is just a temporary(one-month) spike in number of users, and from the next month, you’ll back to the 300 users slab. So there is no automatic upgradation to a higher slab, so no compulsory payments for a higher slab.

4. Yearly Subscription

This is the point where it really gets sweet! Typically, learning & development budgets are decided before the start of the new financial year. Which means that you’ve plan your annual LMS cost right down to the last penny. Needless to say, you will have other costs to invest in – things like cost of external trainings to be purchased, per hour cost to be paid to classroom trainers(Hey, we always recommend Blended learning) To help you along the way, we give you a cost benefit, if you pay for the entire cost of the LMS at the start of the year. A certain number of active unique logins would be allowed per month. Again, to reiterate, if you exceed the number of users by a small amount, it’s not chargeable – don’t worry – we believe in human-to-human connections for all matters money! So your Client Success Manager will give you a heads-up on your annual invoice before actually sending you the bill.

Setup Costs

Apart from the costs mentioned above, there is a one-time setup fee that has to be paid to account for setup, migration, white-labelling and training on LMS use costs. This is not optional, because you’re going to be needing all of the services mentioned above. And hey – we incur a significant cost on deploying these services, so to keep it completely transparent, we charge this completely separately.

There are 2 ways eLucid can be deployed – either on the Cloud, as cloud hosting, or  if your IT team’s compliance and security policy demands hosting employee training data on a local server, we can deploy it on your on-premise server.

Hosting Costs

We have factored the hosting costs in our pricing if you go for the Cloud version, but if eLucid is hosted on-premises, then the cost of the server(as per required specifications) has to be borne by you.

Cloud Setup Fee

We have standard server specifications for cloud instances via existing preferred hosting partners like AWS, Google Cloud & Digital Ocean. Typically, deploying an LMS like eLucid on a cloud instance takes much lesser time, and lesser complexity. Our setup fee for cloud setup is a standard fee, lower than our On-Premises setup fees.

On-Premise Setup Fee

Typically, it takes much more time, effort because of the inherent complexity in adhering to internal standards, and working with your IT teams to deploy on your server. While we put every effort to deploy eLucid as quickly as possible on your internal servers, we typically would charge a higher setup fee than we would for cloud setup.

That sums up pretty much everything you would need to calculate your investment if you’re looking for a basic eLucid installation. You can use the above information to create a cost estimate Excelsheet internally for presentation for final approval to your senior management. Ideally, we should have come up with an automatic price calculator for you, but we realised that our clients have a wide variety of needs, and a single global calculator might not make sense.

Are there are any Other Costs?


Typically, you would need some sort of customisation to eLucid’s capabilities to adopt eLucid or to fully integrate eLucid with your internal business workflows. We have a standard set of integrations with most-used Enterprise Applications, but you might have custom requirements in terms of presenting the employee’s career progression in the company or importing external certifications progression data into eLucid, or any other specific need to fulfil your learning needs. We quote our clients on this integration on every individual case-to-case basis, and the cost accordingly varies for each custom work. Typically, this is a one-time cost, incurred at the time of adopting eLucid for the first time. Over time, as you spend more time with eLucid, you might also want to build a completely unique learning environment for your own.

Are there any Hidden Costs?

No one likes nasty surprises, especially if those surprises come in the form of added costs in your LMS invoice. Don’t worry, there are no = costs apart from the line items mentioned above.

What about Taxes?

Yes – good question! The way, as per current tax regulations in India, for our Indian customers, 18% GST is applicable on top of basic eLucid costs. While sending a proposal to our Indian customers, we make sure that we give this breakup of line items, and send a final cost to our clients. For customers from other countries, largely, there is no additional tax to be paid. We can’t make this general statement, because every country’s tax regulations are different, so you will need to check your local tax regulations to figure out if there’s any tax applicable when you pay for using eLucid.

Hopefully, this gives you a great ready-reckoner to fully understand eLucid’s pricing model, and help you prepare a better cost-benefit report for yourself and your management team. If you still have any questions, you can surely reach out to us at info@elucidlearning.co – mention – Pricing Question in the subject line of your mail.


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