Here are 5 eLucid Features To Create an Enhanced Learning Experience for your Learners. Now you’re wondering what the problem here is! People want to learn. Organizations want people to learn and grow, and do their bit to make that happen. But the process of learning, if not created with the learner as the focal point, it is bound to fail. This challenge comes when organizations do not work enough towards creating proper learning experiences. It is the “Conversion of Beliefs into Practices” that stands out as the big hurdle organizations should strive to overcome.

74% of the participants say lack of training is the biggest hurdle in achieving their full potential. 87% millennials admit that professional development and growth is of the utmost importance to them.

– Middlesex University

eLucid bestows you the superpower to create an intriguing and engaging learning experience

With eLucid, you can create personalized experiences to actively engage your people in their learning programs. Here is a list of features that will help you create awesome learning experiences will instantly communicate to your learners that “Corporate learning” does not have to be Boring. It can be AMAZING!

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

  1. Gamification: (Experience Points, Levels, Badges, Leaderboards)

    Equipped with 75% psychology and 25% technology, eLucid gives you the platform to engage your people in healthy competition and keep them motivated. Elements such as Experience points, Badges, Leaderboards, etc. impact a sense of achievement in the learners which creates a happy memory.

    How Gamification helps motivate and engage the learners?
    The sense of having achieved something encourages people to keep going and actively advance through courses and take desired actions, thus indirectly influencing their behavior

    What you can expect from Gamification?

    • People will be motivated enough to contribute to the organization’s knowledge base.
    • Designing personalized courses with infused gamification actively interests the learners and boosts their engagement levels thus ensuring a higher completion rates and significant knowledge retention.
    • This will result in the significantly improved employee performance. Thus successfully meeting the organization’s learning mandate.
  2. Interactive Learning experience: Stoking the curiosity helps

    Learning experience

    Embrace the opportunities that e-learning space has to offer and design the most effective and interactive eLearning course. With eLucid, you can create interactive courses that will provide an immersive as well as engaging learning experience for your learners. You can create videos, presentations, quizzes and more with added elements of interactivity. 33% of the employees, that vigorously attend the corporate trainings admit that boring course content is the biggest barrier in their learning. To overcome such problems, it is always better to ditch the traditional way of instructor-led training and get involved in the modern and fun way of learning.

    How exactly adding Interactive Learning feature help engage the learners?

    • Increases learner engagement through the insertion of interactive elements.
    • Interactive learning gives Real-time Feedback and helps in the instant evaluation.
    • Improves the problem solving skills of learners.

    What to expect from Interactive Learning?
    Watching a video without any active participation from the learners makes them – a passive learner and a mere spectator. Whereas availability of regular interactions in the video and learner’s participation ensures that the trainees are involved in active learning. This helps them stay engaged. People remember things more vividly when they are actively involved in the process.

  3. Learning Program:

    With eLucid you have the capability to create focused programs or tracks personalized for individuals and teams. Learning programs are designed to keep learners on track with their learning journey – what they’re supposed to do – now, tomorrow and in the future. It keeps them focused and directed to fulfill expectations and increase motivation to participate further.

    How exactly adding Learning Program feature help engage the learners?
    Development of a curriculum that focuses on the individual needs. This not only extract raw talent but also take out the potential from employees. The more personalized content the more engagement. This will ultimately lead to better learning and development of the employee.

    What to expect from Learning Program?
    Trainers have always struggled while giving personalized learning to different learners, depending on their existing skills and competencies. This creates a lot of problems in traditional way of instructor-led learning. With the eLearning space, the trainer can develop courses that will specifically address the uniqueness of the learner and target the right skill set.

  4. Learning Calendar:

    A learning calendar is the most powerful way to enhance ownership of learning, develop a personal development culture, and stay on top of learning. With so much going around in an organization, it is obvious for learners to miss out on their daily dose of learning. With eLucid’s Learning Calendar, the people are always informed and notified of every small activity that’s on their to-do.

    What to expect from Learning Calendar?
    This feature is given on the eLearning space just to make sure that learners get easy access to their schedule and keep up with the learning. With so many responsibilities on your learners, this calendar ensures comfortable learning for learners and motivates them.

  5. Progressive drip feed of learning content:

    Learning curriculums can be lengthy and massive. Every program has multiple modules whether small or big. You need to be able to schedule them in an order. You want people to go through all of the content in a certain manner or order. eLucid allows you to drip feed your course content in various ways. You may provide access to courses based on date & time, based on completion of other modules, or even based on a user’s level in the leaderboard for example. This avoids learners from getting overwhelmed by multiple programs happening in parallel and results in effective learning. With eLucid’s Progressive drip feed of learning content feature, you can give a structure to the entire course content and direct the learner towards micro-learning. This prioritizes the learning they need now and covers the entire course bit by bit without the learner getting, confused, bored, or irritated.

    What to expect from Progressive drip feed of learning content?
    Suppose that a course contains certain activities viz, watching a video, reading an article piece, then attempting the quiz, and ultimately giving a feedback. And it is important that every participant must watch all the videos before going through a certain article and complete a micro test before proceeding to further videos and other learning content and should be able to attempt the final evaluation quiz only after achieving passing marks in the previous micro tests.. In simple words, the delivery of learning content can be intensely customised to create a journey from start to the end of any course.


The learning and development (L&D) industry in the corporate world is now more than 140 billion U.S. dollars. Learner engagement is one of the most useful and practical keys to creating an excellent online learning experience. As a business owner, your primary goal is to keep your employees engaged all the time during their learning. Besides, you need to ensure that your learning content is relevant and fulfills the needs of your employees apart from offering flexibility in learning and making learning fun. It is sure that the use of interactive learning and gamification in your corporate learning will be more fruitful for you and your staff.

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