Why Competency Learning?

Employees are spending hours of their time into training sessions and online courses. They are made to learn things that their managers and L&D assume everyone needs. But just like every organization has their own L&D needs every team and individual in an organization has its own learning needs. Each role in a company demands a different set of skills and knowledge.

More reasons…

Identifying the correct skill gaps in your organization is a lengthy and expensive process. It requires dedicated resources and time every time you need to carry out a company-wide analysis. Every job role has a different set of skills needed to do the job. Hence training people for skills that they need on their job is of utmost importance. For example, accountants require different functional competencies than engineers or electricians. A great accountant needs integrity, commercial awareness, time management, detail-oriented while a software engineer needs analytical skills, logical thinking, problem-solving ability, etc.

How eLucid supports competency learning

With eLucid you can create your own framework of competencies and skills that are relevant to your business’s needs and goals. These skill sets can be linked to courses and all learning content within.  eLucid monitors the progress of all your employees against these competencies and skill sets to give you relevant data and reports.

  eLucid gives you the ability to identify which areas and skills your employees are competent in and where you need improvement, continuously and in real-time.  

Do more than just reports!

Tracking competencies of your employees, allows you to identify the skill gaps for a group of employees or individuals. The next step to that is as obvious as can be.Close these skill gaps by providing relevant content and assessments. Now you probably already have the content you need to improve these skills spread across various courses and activities within your LMS. Design competency learning plans targeted at improving selected skills and engage learners to consume content that helps them close their skill gaps.  

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