Maximize training impact with blended teaching methodologies

Combine face-to-face and online training techniques to create an integrated learning environment. Use the best method of delivery while managing the learning program and structure on a single platform.

Offer a complete mix of online and offline training

eLucid offers the capability to add online training material, quizzes, pre-classroom activities, or discussions as part of offline sessions. It takes away the burden of having to duplicate the content that’s part of live training sessions and improve course maintainability.

Track attendance for in-person sessions

By using a single platform to keep track of sessions hosted in person or virtually, you can make it simple to track student progress. eLucid lets you record results of live tests or track attendance of classroom sessions with ease.

Reduce training costs

eLucid helps you manage different types of training techniques — may it be classroom activities facilitated by a teacher, a pre-recorded session that’s available on-demand, a live virtual classroom session, or an interactive online lesson — hence, saving training costs and improving effectiveness.

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