There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to installing a Learning Management Software. SCORM compliance, course authoring, basic plan pricing, recurring costs, multimedia compatibility and additional features like data security and bandwidth availability are the most important ones you need to begin with.

Whether to host the LMS on-premise or on a cloud is a fairly common, and inevitable question.

For starters, what exactly is the need of hosting? What does it imply? How much time and money should you really invest in it?

To answer all of these questions, let’s get our basics clear.

What is Web Hosting?

It is a service that allows individuals and companies to publish their content on the internet. It technically means that all your data files and pages will be saved on a server which can be accessed by typing the respective URL.

To make it more clear, imagine you need a book from a library and you have a library card with only the title of the book. You will ask the librarian for the book specifically with that name. The librarian will retrieve the book for you from a particular shelf.

In this case, the librarian is your search engine, the library is the internet, the shelf is a unique server, the name of the book is the URL and the book is the piece of information you are searching the web for.

Sounds easy? It really is!

Most companies who provide hosting services require you to own a unique domain name for them to host you. If you do not already have one, they will help you get one.

How to get a hosting service?

It’s fairly easy. Choose the type of hosting you will need for your company – shared or dedicated – based on your day to day requirements.

If you choose shared hosting as a solution, you can go to websites like (3.92$), (4.99$) or (3.95$) and select the plan that best fits your needs.

For dedicated hosting, (79.99$), (76.56$) and (79.99$) are the hosting providers who will give you ready plans for your business.

Just head up to the website, choose the plan you prefer and sign up. You will receive installation details and instructions on your email. From then on you will be notified automatically of further advancements and upgrades.

How long will it take for Setup?

In shared hosting, usually, the amount of data and files to be hosted are less so it is a matter of minutes if you are guided or experienced well enough.

With dedicated hosting being for larger institutes and companies, it might take slightly longer to get the configuration right.

To migrate from a shared server to a dedicated server, you will find plenty of technical assistance providers online.

Security and Servicing

Security for shared hosts depends on if the website owner decides to secure the server using SSH, Firewall or Virtual Private Network. Companies that go for dedicated hosting can implement multiple levels of security like SSL/TLS, Service Auditing, and Intrusion Detection Systems.


To host an LMS with a small number of users and low requirement of security, shared hosting or cloud hosting is the best alternative. When it comes to an LMS being used by hundreds of users and tight security, you must go for an on-premise hosting solution that offers a house of features and possibilities.

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