Attention is fickle. The only effective trick to keep it intact, particularly when it comes to education, is to keep the learner engaged and interested. Although maintaining learner engagement is not exactly a cake-walk, it can be so with a few tricks and techniques. 

It’s simple; if learners don’t feel connected to a particular course, they are bound to drop out of it. They may not necessarily skip it altogether, but they may simply be a part of it without any concentration or interest. 

Low retention rates especially play a huge role in employee productivity. If one isn’t invested enough in what they are learning, the same won’t last long in their minds and execution of that will fairly dissipate. This makes the entire purpose of the training null and void.

Safe to say, connection with the material and engagement with it is of absolute importance here. If it doesn’t exist, it will only pave the way for lack of understanding of the content and in turn, lack of execution of that knowledge. 

Here are a few tricks to boost learner engagement at your organisation for your perusal.

1. Set manageable and clear goals

Before individuals commit to anything, they like to know what the end goal or result will be. Our careers, education and experiences, everything helps us embark on some path or another. So, when a person is aware of the goal, he or she can formulate better ways to achieve it. 

Setting a goal isn’t the end of our worries. But setting manageable goals that will help boost the employees’ morale, confidence and knowledge is what counts. By doing this, they can also live the whole experience with fulfilment.


2. Offer Rewards

Monotony is inevitable, but fortunately, it can be taken down effectively. To keep the learners hooked, so they always come back for more, we need to incorporate new and innovative techniques that keeps the learner on their toes. 

Gamification is one such technique that can make learning fun. A healthy competition among employees by creating leader boards and rewards gives the learner a push in the right direction. Celebrate the efforts of your top scorers in your games and watch the office buzz with anticipation. 


3. Creative content – Use personalisation, relatable simulations, scenario-based training 


Make your learners feel special by incorporating personalisation in the system. Let the learners create personalised profiles on LMS, where they can track their progress strive towards betterment. 

To make your courses more relevant, you may want to steer clear of case studies on hypothetical situations.

It will definitely be more engaging for your learners if your course content is reflective of the most common issues encountered in the workplace itself. Moreover, content tools like PitchPrep and CodeFiddle help make it more interactive, bringing in increased appeal to the learners. 


4. Offer self-paced training paths

Every learner is different and so are their lives, and that is something that may tamper with training in corporate spaces. In the midst of the learner’s personal life, the training needs to be of a congenial nature, so the employee doesn’t feel ambushed and can embrace that education at their own pace. 

By customising the course according to the individuality of the learner, it becomes easier to track their progress and garner great results. Making it available on the smartphone is another way to make the learner access important data and learn with a positive approach. 

At eLucid, we make sure that we attend to every learner’s need, based on their own pace, which is exactly what we offer through our platform.


5. Actively promote communication & feedback 

Feedback and communication play a very critical role in the relationship between your learners and you.

By understanding what is working and what is not working for the learners after a course, we can foster improvement and imperative changes, based on the feedback

By building a strong relationship, they can be open with you without any fear or judgement. This in turn, will help build a better program for the future and will increase the engagement towards the upcoming programmes. 


Winding up

It is important to remember to involve the learner in every step of the way, to make them feel empowered, which in turn will only help create a better platform. Always keep communication a two-way process as it helps gauge a better outcome. 

The learner should be able to feel a connection with the training, which will also increase the probability of retaining the trainee for longer. Also staying and keeping them updated with the prominent software and trends is another way to analyse the interest of the learner, hence, directing the courses better. 

In any case, it is extremely crucial to incorporate the feedback of the learner, so they feel like they are, indeed, a part of the training. Equally important is the consideration of your goals and theirs, the kind of content you offer them and the way you do so. These are a few things that boost their engagement and learning in the correct essence. 

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